Burnt toast.

Spilled orange juice.

Macaroni necklace.

Yep, it must be Mothers Day! 
Whether it's your first or your thirteenth, Mothers Day is always special.
A day for you to pop your feet up, accept endless cups of tea, and soak up that one day of unconditional appreciation and good behaviour.
But what if Mother's Day could be more? What if we could make it a celebration of mothers everywhere? A day to prove once and for all that we mums don't buy into the ‘Mummy Wars’ and that we're 100 percent here for each other? 
A day to celebrate not only our own journey of motherhood, but to recognise and applaud all those other mothers around us who inspire us, who lift us up, who we know deserve an extra pat on the back for simply being their amazing selves? 
That's what we believe Mothers Day should be about.
And that's why we created Mother to Mother.

A Mother's Day celebration to spread the Mama love all across the globe. A chance for you to send a little visual gratitude to those other mothers in your life who make your own motherhood journey more enjoyable, more tolerable and a whole lot more fun. 
Our vision is to flood social media with messages of love, support and admiration for all those wonderful Mums out there. 
We've created a suite of five social media graphics, and we're giving them to you - for free! We want you to use them to tell every other Mama you know how amazing they are. Send them to your best mum friends, to your own mother, to your sister, a mum you work with or to a mum in your Mums group. Tag a school Mum on Facebook. Dedicate a post to every single mother in the world on Instagram.

Do with them what you will.
Let's show the world that we Mums love other Mums. That we're here for each other. And that we know Mothers Day is about all mothers. Because we're all on the same journey, and we all deserve a little extra love this Mothers Day. 


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