What is Cannonball Productions?

You probably know us as the Bacon and Beer Classic or Lions Tigers and Brews! We are a New York-based event production company dedicated to creating big, bold, one-of-a-kind experiences for foodies and adventurers like you. Beer and bacon may be our first loves, but we are always brainstorming new and delicious event concepts, so stay tuned...
Who are CannonBALLERS?

Event goers, beer drinkers, food lovers and fun seekers! If you are passionate about our festivals, want to get more involved, spread the word in new cities, and/or tell all of your friends about us, we have some free tix and swag with your name on it.
What do CannonBALLERS do?
  • Use a unique discount code to share the Bacon and Beer Classic and other Cannonball festivals with your community.
  • Give feedback and brainstorm behind-the scenes with the Cannonball Productions team.
  • Share your knowledge and have a say in what vendors we partner with and what cities we come to next.

What do CannonBALLERS get?
  • Free tickets to the Bacon and Beer Classic and other festivals. #winning
  • Stylish swag to sport around town.
  • Insider scoop about our upcoming events.
  • Networking with other awesome CannonBALLERS across the country.
  • First access to internships, jobs and other opportunities with the Cannonball Productions team. We're pretty fun, we promise. ;)
Cool, how do I join?!
Easy! Just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch with your promo code and more deets.
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