ClimateSolvr 1.0

ClimateSolvr is a habit-forming tool for changing to low-carbon lifestyle habits.  It helps you form habits in your life: post-carbon, post-petroleum lifestyle habits.  As you use it, you really and truly decrease your carbon emissions.

ClimateSolvr 1.0 brings you a series of 30 habit-forming weekly emails, about 7 months worth.  Each week, between Earth Day and Thanksgiving 2016, you'll get new ideas: what you can do about global warming. 

It's free to join (although I do hope you'll consider sending me a little gift via PayPal when you decide what ClimateSolvr is worth to you).

You can unsubscribe from ClimateSolvr at any time, by using the "unsubscribe" link in the footer of any of our emails.

(If you stumbled upon this page, you can learn all about ClimateSolvr here)
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