Are you constantly bloated? Do you suffer from diarrhea and/or constipation? Has eating become something that you dread because you know that later you will feel uncomfortable or in pain? 

Let me guess. You’ve probably made the link between your tummy woes and the gluten in the food you’ve been eating. You may have tried gluten-free products from the supermarket and discovered that they taste pretty disgusting.  Or they may be tasty but expensive and / or full of lots of added sugars and nasties.  You don't really know anymore what you CAN eat that won’t make your gut issues worse, and won’t break the bank.


What if it could be easier? I’ve come up with the Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Cooking Guide to show you how easy it is to adapt your favourite foods into gluten-free recipes that your gut will love. BONUS: They’re all sugar-free, dairy-free and nasties-free to keep them gentle and healing to the gut.


In this downloadable guide you will learn:

  • Gut-friendly pantry staples you should keep to make food prep a breeze
  • Foods to avoid to stop making your gut issues worse
  • Cheaper gluten-free flour substitutions that taste great and actually work
  • Simple, delicious recipes for gluten-free versions of your favourite foods. Hint: A decadent chocolate mousse is one of them!
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