Refugee Hustle Newsletter!

Let's be pen pals 🙃

Wait.. what's a pen pal?

Pen pals are strangers who regularly write to each other. Back in the day, they sent it via snail mail? 🐌💌

But with today's digital world, we're disconnected and more alone than ever.

So I'm here to bring back authentic and real relationships with technology. From time to time, I'll send you updates on my life, but...

But I'd love an email from you too!

Maybe you're going through some hard times and need some life advice. Or maybe something big that happened. Either way, share it with me. Who knows? I might respond back to you with a personalized video. I've been known to do that after all 😉

At the end of the day think of me as your "pharmacist entrepreneur next door" 💊

You're probably like... why even do this Kevin? I'm here to transform as many "9-5 refugees" into digital entrepreneurs. You are probably one of these refugees. 

So if you want to be pen pals, leave your info below and shoot me an email.

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