Relevé Apparel is seeking 3 qualified interns to join our team this Spring/Summer in the Arts Colony of Pomona, CA. We are looking for interns who can dive into all areas of urban fashion, marketing & merchandising and apparel imprinting.

  • INTERN A - Creative, Graphic Design & Production.
  • INTERN B - Business and Production.
  • A plus if you can do both.

If selected, these interns will finish the program having gained experience in various aspects of street wear and marketing, as well as gaining an insight into the management of a small business. This internship will carry over to one (1) paid part-time employee at owners discretion. *Please note this is an unpaid internship with a commission option.

Intern Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be currently enrolled in a college / university
  • Must have reliable transportation as some driving may be required
  • Must be interested working in the fashion industry
  • Must be willing to get your hands dirty...literally

 Responsibilities for Intern A - Creative:

  • Convert client artwork into screen print ready / production ready art.
  • Create new original graphics/art for clients or Relevé Apparel brand.
  • Create digital mock-ups for clients and Relevé Apparel.
  • Maintain equipment, Prepare films, screens exposure and post reclaiming.
  • Screen Printing Production.
  • Create content for social media (photos, graphics, advertisements, etc).
  • Catalog / Archive all artwork.
  • Research the latest trends and assist in trend forecasting.
  • Create window displays and engaging graphics for store front.
Responsibilities for Intern B - Business:
  • Assist in costing/quotes for client custom apparel orders.
  • Manage paperwork/orders for production
  • Customer Service - Friendly, People Person with expert knowledge of the Relevé Brand.
  • Understanding of all items in the Relevé Apparel Store Front.
  • Catalog Inventory
  • Day to Day tending of storefront.
  • Create new marketing strategies to increase brand presence and/or attract customers (in-store or online).
  • Create content for social media (photos, graphics, advertisements, etc).
  • Maintain equipment & preparation of screens for production and/or post reclaiming.
  • Research the latest trends and assist in trend forecasting.
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