Welcome to the Campfire email list!

A very brief introduction to what this is...

The Campfire email list, or as its called Letters from the Campfire, is a way for us to share information about upcoming events and behind-the-scenes information on how we make it all happen.  Also, I get a little buzzed sometimes and write slightly emotional, philosophical garbage about why we're doing this, I might send that your way too.  Sorry in advance.

You were added to this list because you signed-up online or recently attended your first Campfire, which both are awesome so congrats on being awesome.

A few promises we can make when it comes to Around the Campfire....

We won't send you emails often.

We will keep them short and to the point.

If at any point we fail at one or both of those things let us know. Or unsubscribe.  It wont hurt our feelings, we'll just try to do better next time.

You will receive your first Letter from the Campfire soon!


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