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This newsletter is the outgrowth of The Downtown Writers Jam podcast. What that means is I will collect information about the authors I interview, book happenings around the Web, and other literary events that I find interesting. And, if you have thoughts, feel free to share them with me through email, through Twitter, through Instagram, or through my website.

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Frankenstein's Legacy: Four Conversations about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Modern World!
About That Podcast
What started out as a streaming audio show at Wired in 2000 morphed into this little program in my tiny corner of the Internet.

Author and publisher Brad King hosts The Downtown Writers Jam Podcast, an hour-long, one-on-one interview program where authors discuss the horrible choices they made in life that led them down the road to writing. Sometimes there is whiskey. Oftentimes there is cursing. But always entertaining. (My friends wouldn’t lie to me, right?)

You can purchase the books through my bookstore, which helps support independent stores across American.

And, you can listen to the podcast:

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