Get REMIXER for a limited time absolutely GRATIS!  

I'm a huge fan of remixing images with different shapes. I've used this method for creating artwork in the past. This is how REMIXER was born. This SMART PSD tool creates remixed cover art with just one image source. 

REMIXER is a SMART PSD setup. All you have to do is place your image in the main smart object and save. Then use the ready made geo shapes in combination with background and effect options to make your customer artwork. 

What do you get with REMIXER? 
  • 8  ready to go geo shapes 
  • 5 Background options 
  • 5 Different FX Styles

I'm looking for feedback so that's why I'm giving this away 100% FREE. All I ask is you try it out and let me know what you think? 

Let me know which email works best and I'll send it your way. 

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